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TILT Titanium Shot Glass


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The TILT Titanium shot glass is machined from a solid billet of 6al/4v (Grade 5) Titanium bar.  The interior features two "grooved" markings... one for 1oz. and the other for 1.5oz.  Filled to the top of the glass, it will actually hold 2oz. of your favorite liquor.  The bottom of the glass features a "twist-off" bottle opener that fits the vast majority of "twist-off" type bottle caps.  Each TILT Titanium shot glass is individually machined and hand finished, right here in the Maverick Workshop.  Due to the amount of machining time and finishing work required to produce these, there will be very limited availability.

Please note that this will not open a common "pop" top that typically requires a hook or lever type bottle opener.